Live Lightning Information System

Privacy Policy
The LLIS (Live Lightning Information System) does not collect any personnel information through the application and does not show any advertisements.

The personal information we stored in our database is collecting manually when the person becomes our client for availing of the services from the application, we will not use the credentials for any marketing purpose. That is solely for billing and verification purposes only.

Who will be our clients

Our clients can be, factories, Plants, Petroleum Industries, LPG Industries, Agriculture, and Anyone who required to know the weather information, which we provide.

Personnel Data Collection

We will not collect any personnel data through the application. We will not use any information from the android system, including user location, proximity sensors and or if any information collected unintentionally by the system automatically, upon receipt of the same may be for the functionality of the system. We will not use the data for any third-party marketing or any other purpose.

Children & Families

The system did not comes with any ads as of now. Also, the existing contents are complying with the policy. And if any ads come in the future, that will comply with children and family programs policy.

The accuracy of the Weather Contents

The data we receive from various reliable sources and tested internally. The data is reliable and trustable as per our internal verification.

Services we offer

General Weather and Lightning data in 25 Miles circle, around the station location.
Warning threshold settings notification & Sound
DTMF tone production for minimum simple automation if required.