The Idea Man

The Main Idea of this application came from Mr. C. G. Sudevan | Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd

EMP NO. 35324870

- 26 years of hands-on experience in the Petroleum Industry (LPG and Petroleum)
- During his life in the HPCL outlet technician post, he solved a serious issue related to CVT Machines used in Retail Outlets ( Was a serious issue at that time in all outlets).
- He also corrected severe suction issues due to thermal expansion (fuel line, suction head due to vapor lock) and provided feedback to the company.
- Recently he was Implemented a Security Alarm system over VHF Radio in the HPCL LPG refilling Plant.
- During his journey, he was recognized by the company for the innovations and dedicated workmanship.

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Words from the Developer

The Live Lightning Information System (LLIS) Will greatly help users to know about the weather at their stations.

They will be informed with Lightning, Wind, and High/Low Temperature with customized values. Also, this application comes with a simple DTMF automation sequencing. As the current version comes with a lightning warning, the users will be able to safeguard their valuable equipment or plant against the threat.

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Our Weather Application

LLIS is a complete weather Kit for general Industrial/commercial use. The application uses APIs from various leading weather data providers and tested its reliability. The data retrieved mainly by Earth Stations as well as Satellites. The historical data and futuristic information are provided by advanced computers by analyzing previous history and current data.

Major Scope

1. Temperature
2. Humidity
3. Atmospheric Pressure
4. Visibility
5. Lightning (25 Miles)
5.1: Cloud to Cloud
5.2: Intracloud
5.3: Distance from Lat Long
5.4: Duration of each thunderstorm
5.5: Discharge Current
6. Wind
6.1: Wind Speed
6.2: Wind Direction


Next Steps...

The automation and hardware scope will be included soon in our package.